Associate Professor Nick Hopwood

Extraordinary and Emeritus Professors, and Research Associates

Nick Hopwood is Extraordinary Professor at the University of Stellenbosch and Associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney. His current research has two main foci: (a) the learning of adults around children at risk, looking at how parents and professionals work together on complex problems that affect children's trajectories (SuCCEED study, and Creating Better Futures study); and (b) professional learning of current and future teachers of science and mathematics in Nepal and Bhutan ‐ taking an adapted 'Change Laboratory' approach to address tensions between curriculum demands, resource constraints and the need for innovative, inclusive pedagogy in Himalayan schooling. His past projects have explored simulation in higher education (focusing on nursing), doctoral education, and geographical/environmental education. Nick oversees higher degrees by research at the UTS School of Education and plays a major role in research education across the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. His widely read blog and youtube channel offer a suite of resources for research students and early career academics.

SuCCEED study: https://nickhop.wordpress.com/research/children-with-feeding-difficulties-succeed/
Creating Better Futures study: https://nickhop.wordpress.com/research/creating-better-futures/

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