The develop their research skills

We offer a PhD by research in the fields of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning. Our current expertise focuses on the areas of:

  • Creativity in higher education/lifelong learning
  • Leadership in higher education/lifelong learning
  • Curriculum development in higher education/lifelong learning
  • Workplace learning
  • Graduates (2007-2017)

    Groenewald, J (2017). Exploring the optimal role of residence heads in promoting student success: an institutional case study. Supervisor: Prof M Fourie-Malherbe, Co-supervisor: Dr HL Botha.

    Omingo, M (2017). Academic development in private universities in Kenya. Supervisor: Prof B Leibowitz, Co-supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer.

    Traut, H (2017). The development of creativity in Geography student teachers as a mediator between their acquired content knowledge and applied pedagogical practice. Supervisor: prof PAD Beets, Co-supervisor: A/Prof BL Frick.

    Archer, E (2016). Engaging patient-centeredness in the MB.ChB curriculum: A case of the final year medical students. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof BB van Heerden.

    Faasen, M (2016). A Learning Design Framework for Active Learning using Audience Response Systems. Supervisor: Prof Prof M Fourie-Malherbe, Co-supervisor: Prof J Cronje.

    Lourens, E (2016). From graduate to employee: exploring the journeys of first-time entrants into the labour market. Supervisor: Dr M Ndlovu, Co-supervisor: Prof M Fourie-Malherbe.

    Matimbo, F (2016). Towards understanding programmatic quality in private universities in Tanzania. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer

    McCreanor, C (2016). A curriculum framework for the professional development of corporate social responsibility practitioners in South Africa. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Professor P.G.W. Jansen (VU University Amsterdam).

    Owusu-Agyeman, Y (2016). The relevance of telecommunications and electrical engineering programmes to the needs of adult learners in Ghana. Supervisor: prof M Fourie-Malherbe, Co-supervisor: A/Prof BL Frick.

    Petersen, M (2016). The role of feedback in reflective university teaching. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof S van Schalkwyk.

    Herman, N (2015). The role of context in decision making about professional learning by lecturers at a research-intensive university. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof B Leibowitz, University of Johannesburg.

    Mkhabela, Z (2015). The role leadership learning in the developmental needs of the senior managers in a rural municipality: A case study in adult education at Bushbuckridge Local Municipality. Supervisor: dr BL Frick, Co-supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer.

    Robertson, CA (2015). Leadership development for technical and vocational education and training college leaders in South Africa: a post-graduate curriculum framework. Supervisor: dr BL Frick, Co-supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer.

    Van der Bijl, AJ (2015). Mentoring and the development of educators in South African Technical and Vocational education. Supervisor: dr BL Frick.

    Bosman, V (2014). An analysis of student development in the context of a mentoring programme for first-year students at a university residence. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer,

    Costandius, E (2012). Engaging the curriculum in a visual communication design programme: A case study at Stellenbosch University. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Dr C Troskie-de Bruin.

    Wilson, L (2012). Community engagement in higher education: A case of the internship master's degree in Play Therapy at Huguenot College. Supervisor: Prof R Newmark, Co-supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer.

    Coe, KL (2010). The process of lesson study as a strategy for the development of teaching in primary schools: A case study in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Supervisor: Prof AE Carl, Co-Supervisor: Dr BL Frick.

    Smith-Tolken, A (2010). Community engagement at a higher education institution: Exploring a theoretical grounding for scholarly-based service-related processes. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof R Newmark.

    Stefan, DC (2009). Developing a framework for an undergraduate haematology curriculum in a faculty of health sciences. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Dr F Cilliers.

    Sutherland, T (2009). A curriculum framework for an introductory programme in the National Diploma: Engineering at the Vaal University of Technology. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof C A Kapp.

    Smit, I (2008). 'n Opleidingsraamwerk gerig op gehalte aborsiesorg vir verpleegkundiges aan hoëronderwysinstellings in die Wes-Kaap [A training framework directed at quality abortion care for nurses at higher education institutions in the Western Cape]. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisors: Dr D Boshoff (Nursing), Prof W Steyn (Obstetrics and Gyneacology).

    Frick, BL (2007). Continuing professional development (CPD) in the Faculty of Science, Stellenbosch University: In search of a holistic conceptualization. Supervisor: C A Kapp, Co-supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer.

    Engelbrecht, FDJ (2007). A framework for the design and implementation of competency-based teacher education programmes at the University of Namibia. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof A E Carl.

    Nel, C (2007). Oorgang van skool na universiteit: 'n Gevalstudie aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch [Transition from school to university: A case study at Stellenbosch University].Supervisor: Dr C Troskie-De Bruin, Co-supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer.

    Van Schalkwyk, SC (2007). The role of academic literacy in first-year students learning in the faculty of Arts. Supervisor: Prof EM Bitzer, Co-supervisor: Prof C van der Walt.