Dr Megan Jones (on sabbatical 1st semester 2024)

Senior Lecturer
MA (UCT), PhD (Cambridge)
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Tel: +2721 808 2880


Life Writing; South African and African Literatures; African American Literatures; World Literatures; Modernism; Literary Urbanisms; Gender


World and Transnational Literatures; Urban Studies; Cultural Studies; South African and African Literatures; Critical Theory; Race Studies


  • 2013: Categories of Persons: Rethinking Ourselves and Others (Johannesburg: Picador Africa)
  • forthcoming 2024: Refractive Realisms: Literature, Culture and the 21st Century South African Township (Transdisciplinary Souths, Routledge)
  • “Imagining the Migrant in 21st Century Johannesburg” in The Cambridge Companion to the City in World Literature, Ato Quayson and Jini Watson, eds (2023).
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  • ‘Moving, Categories of Persons (Johannesburg: Picador Africa, 2013)
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