Prof Louise Green

MA Literary Studies, PhD English Studies (UCT)
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Cultural Studies, realism, critical theory, documentary film, ecology and critique


Intellectual History; Critical Theory and Studies in Modernity; Globalisation; Value and the Culture of Objects; Realism; Animal Studies; Nature and Environmental Crisis



Fragments from the History of Loss: The Nature Industry and the Postcolony Pennsylvania State University Press, 2020.

Photography in and out of Africa: Iterations with Difference. 2016 [co-edited with Kylie Thomas]


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  • 2020: Leslie Swartz ‘How I Lost my Mother’ (Memoir) [co-supervision with Shaun Viljoen]
  • 2019: Maureen Amimo. ‘Poetics & Politics in Contemporary African Travel Writing’ [Joint supervisions with Grace Musila]
  • 2018: Jackie Ojiambo. ‘Films by Kenyan Women Directors as National Allegories’ [Joint supervision with Dawid de Villiers]
  • 2017: Eve Nabulya.  ‘Eco-communitarianism: A Poetics of the Environment in East African Literature’ [Joint supervision with Tilla Slabbert]
  • 2013: Philip Aghoghovwia.  ‘Ecocriticism and the Oil Encounter: Readings from the Niger Delta.’
  • 2013: Riaan Oppelt. C. ‘Louis Leipoldt and the Making of South African Modernism.’
  • 2013: Delphi Carstens.  ‘Uncovering the Apocalypse: Narratives of Collapse and Transformation in the 21st Century Fin de Siècle.’
  • 2012: Annel Pieterse.  ‘Language Limits: The dissolution of the lyric subject in experimental print and performance poetry’


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