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Internet access is possible via Inetkey, a a secure password authenticated application. To register for Inetkey, you need an existing username. If you don't have a username yet, apply for one by following these instructions or contacting the IT Service Desk.


Internet access is a crucial component of research.

Internet access can be obtained via any web browser by going to https://inetkey.sun.ac.za or via the Inetkey application which can be found here.

The mobile versions of Inetkey can also be installed.



Service Hours

Mondays - Fridays:
08H00 - 12H45
13H45 - 16H30

Weekends & public Holidays: Closed

Service Support

Assistance and enquiries: IT Service Desk 021 8084367 or help@sun.ac.za

Service Targets

Network storage: 99,9% availability

Delivery Scope

All affiliated campuses of Stellenbosch University


How do I connect to the SU network at home?
How much is my internet account balance?
Install the mobile Inetkey app.


Tariff A @ R0.02/MB: Monday-Friday: 08h00-23h59

Tariff B @ R0.01/MB : Monday-Friday: 00h00-07h59, as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

Traffic to and from your computer is logged through Inetkey and calculated according to a specific tariff structure. Internet users receive a weekly e-mail sstatement with the previous week's internet usage. A summary of your internet account can also be viewed online.

Costs are levied each month from the departmental cost point as specified at registration. If the cost point changes, please e-mail telecoms@sun.ac.za with the US number, username, current cost point, new costpoint and administrative contact person (Only e-mail enquiries will be attended to.)

If you have a query regarding the usage on your internet account, send a complaint within 14 days to helpinfo@sun.ac.za. The cost of an enquiry is R200.00 per enquiry. If an error is found, the administrative fee will not be levied.