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For VPN access to the SU network the following simple process is applicable:

To apply for VPN, log a request on the ICT Partner Portal and select the Remote Access option right at the top.

1. The head of your department needs to motivate why you require VPN access for work purposes.
2. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration with instructions on how to install the software needed to use VPN.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends the University network across a public network, such as the Internet. Facilitates a secure connection between you and the VPN server (SU network)​.

This secure connection to the SU network is not required for access to e-mail, library resources, SUNLearn or the SUN-e-HR website.



Service hours

The VPN service will run 24/7, except when upgrades and maintenance are scheduled, but is dependent on other services, such as the network.

Support hours

Assistance and enquiries: IT Service Desk 021 8084367 or help@sun.ac.za

Service targets

99,9% availability

Delivery Scope

All affiliated campuses of Stellenbosch University


Detailed instructions on installing and using the VPN clients can be found here:

1. SecureVPN instructions
2. SUVPN MSP instructions


The software (client) is free of charge. However, an internet connection is needed, either via 3G, Wi-Fi and/or ADSL. The data cost is for the user’s personal account.​

General IT Service costs​