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Requesting a network point or wireless access point (WAP)

  1. Enter a request via Planon, which Facilities Management will forward to Information Technology.
  2. Submit an interdepartmental requisition on request via email from Netinfra(EAS505P) to OE 6411 for the network installation as per estimate from IT.
  3. Information Technology processes the purchase order for the service provided, and coordinates the installation.
  4. Information Technology returns the balance on the interdepartmental requisition at completion of the network installation process, as only the actual cost will be recovered from the interdepartmental requisition.

Connection to wired network at speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

Connection to Secure and Maties WiFi networks at speeds of up to 54 Mbps.


Service hours

This service will run 24/7, except when upgrades and maintenance are scheduled.

Support hours

Mondays - Fridays: 
08H00 - 12H45
13H45 - 16H30
Weekends & public Holidays: Closed

Assistance and enquiries: IT Service Desk 021 8084367 or help@sun.ac.za. Onsite support at additional cost.

Service Targets

Restore service within 2 hours for a Severity 1 outage, within 24 hours for Severity 2 outage, and within 48 hours for a Severity 3 outage.

Delivery Scope

All affiliated campuses of Stellenbosch University


Facilities Management website.


The cost of network points and WAPs in Academic buildings and residences has to be determined per request as it is determined by the availability and capacity of the existing network infrastructure and the exchange rate.

General IT Service costs