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TerraClim – StoryMap

We progressing well with the TerraClim project, and major milestone in the efficiency and accuracy of interpolations.The regional interpolation analysis divided the Western Cape study area into smaller regions using the local terrain and climatic [...]

Crop type mapping using LiDAR, Sentinel-2 and aerial imagery with machine learning algorithms

by Atman Prins The second experiment used the methods developed for the first experiment to perform a five-class classification. The five classes consisted of maize, cotton, groundnuts, orchards and non-agriculture. Sentinel-2 and aerial imagery [...]

CITRII – Burgersford Citrus Orchards

This video is a flyover showing the results of a satellite image (WorldView-2 dated 15 March 2020) analysis of a citrus orchard draped over the Digital Elevation Model of South Africa [...]




Winetech has appointed the Centre for Geographical Analysis (CGA) to develop a prototype online spatial decision support system (SDSS) for the wine industry. The project is being carried out in close collaboration with [...]