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  • Waterbodies can be seen as dark areas in the Sentinel-1 imagery (left). The classification of the same area can be seen on the right, with waterbodies shown in blue.

Determining the minimum waterbody surface area that can be successfully detected using Sentinel-1

By Martin von Fintel Water is a scarce resource in South Africa, and 62% of the water used in South Africa is used for irrigation. This figure is likely to rise with increasing pressure [...]

Sentinel-3 land surface temperature for air temperature estimation

Air temperature varies across the Earth and as such it can be represented as temperature surface (map). Temperature surfaces provide critical information for applications  relating to climate change adaptation and agricultural planning [...]

  • 201909 Fresh Quarterly Article

Getting ahead of Salinization – article in Fresh Quarterly

The drought in South Africa in recent years has forced farmers to change their watering habits and use water more efficiently, resulting in crops being irrigated less frequently. This can lead to the [...]



Climate SDSS

Winetech has recently appointed the Centre for Geographical Analysis (CGA) to develop a prototype online spatial decision support system (SDSS) for the wine industry. The project is being carried out in close collaboration [...]