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Wynland has released part three of Winetech's flagship project, TerraClim, being undertaken by the CGA. For many wine grape producers in South Africa, access to accurate and detailed climate and GIS data is limited. Terraclim is funded by Winetech and is an online spatial decision-support system specifically [...]

Dense Point Cloud of Vineyard

This is a dense point cloud of a vineyard created with drone imagery with 4 bands (green, red ,red edge and near infrared). The imagery is displayed in false colour using the green , red and red edge bands. The dense point cloud was created using Agisoft Metashape and can be exported as a digital [...]

CGA and SASRI remote sensing in sugarcane research published

Prof Adriaan van Niekerk and Jascha Muller of the Centre for Geographical Analysis (CGA), and Dr Abraham Singels of the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI), have published their collaborative research assessing the use of multispectral remote sensing to determine fractional absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (fAPAR) in sugarcane. Crop growth models regularly use fAPAR as [...]

Assessing the ability of the Prometheus Fire Simulation Model to predict fire spread based on the 2018 George fire

By Lauren McCarthy Wildfires occur globally, destroying thousands of hectares of vegetation, affecting ecosystems, the environment, and humans. Fire spread models, based on fire behaviour algorithms, have been developed in different regions to aid researchers in better understanding fires and fire-management teams in fighting the fires and making important decisions. One such model is [...]

Sentinel-3 land surface temperature for air temperature estimation

Air temperature varies across the Earth and as such it can be represented as temperature surface (map). Temperature surfaces provide critical information for applications  relating to climate change adaptation and agricultural planning and management. The generation of temperature surfaces usually involves interpolating temperature measurements taken at weather stations.  Although the weather stations [...]

Zani Mouton – GIS Scripter & Data Capturer

Biography Zani has always had an affinity for science, which, paired with her passion for computer science and geography led her to pursue a BSc degree in Geoinformatics at Stellenbosch University. Her particular interest in the applications of machine learning in remote sensing guided her research interest as she completed her [...]

Getting ahead of Salinization – article in Fresh Quarterly

The drought in South Africa in recent years has forced farmers to change their watering habits and use water more efficiently, resulting in crops being irrigated less frequently. This can lead to the accumulation of salts in soils, which can have a detrimental effect on production. In the article Getting Ahead Of Salinization, [...]

Introduction to Earth Observation short course – August 2019

During the week of 19th to 23rd August 2019, the CGA presented another Introduction to Earth Observation short course. The group included participants both of the private and public sector. If you are interested in attending one of the courses we offer click here to view our course calendar. To see all the courses we offer, click here and [...]

Mfanafuthi Gama from the DARDLR presents on NSPDR

On the 7th of August, the CGA and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies were visited by Mr Mfanafuthi Gama of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform. He presented on the new National Spatial Planning Data Repository (NSPDR) which is being developed by his department. The NSPDR will [...]