Congrats to Prof Mwangi!!!!

Congratulations to Evan Maina Mwangi (PhD University of Nairobi), Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies in the Comparative Literary Studies Program at Northwestern University, and Professor Extraordinaire in the English Department of Stellenbosch University. Kudos on the publication of his most recent monograph, The Postcolonial Animal: African Literature and Posthuman Ethics (Michigan, 2019). This volume examines the interface of critical animal studies and postcolonial literature to bring to the fore the vegan impulses in African writing. He demonstrates that these vegan motivations and affects are not a copy of western practices but draw from indigenous sources. His primary texts in this book include African folktales, religious texts, philosophical materials, and work by anti-colonial movements, as well as postcolonial and other literary sources which the authors have repurposed to call for the ethical treatment of non-human others and sexual minorities. By including work by East African writers such as Rebecca Nandwa, Nuruddin Farah, Henry ole Kulet, and Yuda Komora in its study of the figure of the animal in African literature, the book seeks to debunk the implied belief, in critical animal studies, that only white African writers (exemplified by J.M. Coetzee) have been attentive to the animal question. See more at