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Japan’s Strategy for Building a Robust Domestic AI Ecosystem

Author: Inge Odendaal Artificial intelligence (AI) reach is widespread, affecting many sectors across public and private spheres, both positively and negatively. Through the Hiroshima AI Process, G7 members have recognized the real-life implications of both AI and generative AI’s immense potential.[1] It can drive innovation, upskill workers, stimulate entrepreneurship, and improve healthcare outcomes and system…

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Transforming Governance: Japan’s Journey with Chat GPT and Generative AI

Author: Inge Odendaal The launch of ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool, has been a watershed moment.[1] In just two months after its release in November 2022, it attracted over 100 million users, propelling generative AI into the mainstream and expanding accessibility.[2] This impact extends to Japan, where its influence on society has been…