A teaching department

The psychology department is the biggest department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in terms of student numbers. We currently have 1200 first year students, 800 2nd-years students, 600 third year students, 37 honours students (that is obviously when selection starts), 8 clinical masters students, 40 research masters students and 40 doctoral students.

Our academic staff is committed to teaching: we prioritise the processes of learning, discovery, questioning and critique and enjoy embarking on these processes with our students. We pride ourselves on the fact that we keep our undergraduate and graduate modules relevant and up to date in terms of content and teaching/learning strategies.

The undergraduate courses offered by the department prepare students for entry into both clinical- and research-based postgraduate programmes. The undergraduate and graduate psychology degrees from our Department are internationally recognized, and many of the department’s graduates have gone on to postgraduate studies in other universities in South Africa and around the world.

The Department offers psychology courses to not only to students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, but also to students from other faculties. Students from faculties other than the Faculty of Humanities are advised to enquire from their home faculties how courses from the department of Psychology can contribute towards their degrees.


Undergraduate Programme

The University of Stellenbosch (SU), does not offer an undergraduate degree in psychology. In order to study psychology at the University, prospective students ought to enroll in one of the following programmes that offer psychology as a subject and/or major:

Honours in Psychology

The Honours programme in Psychology is a one-year full-time programme and is presented in English. It is a full-time academic programme which may lead to further postgraduate studies in Psychology, both in South Africa and internationally. It is theoretical in its orientation and aims to provide students with a solid and advanced foundation in Psychology as an academic discipline.

Master of Arts in Psychology (Thesis)

This programme, which requires a minimum of one year of study, focuses on the acquisition and broadening of knowledge in a specific area of psychology. It also aims at the development of research skills, particularly with respect to the planning and execution of research and the reporting of research results. It entails the completion of a thesis (180 credits).

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

The programme focuses on the identification and treatment of psychopathology in children and adults, as well as on the development, implementation and assessment of preventative and remedial programmes. The theoretical component is presented in English and consists of different modules which cover the broad terrain of Clinical Psychology.

Master of Philosophy in Public Mental Health

The MPhil in Public Mental Health is a part-time research degree that aims to develop advanced research skills, enabling participants to undertake their own research projects (such as evaluating services, policies and interventions) as well as interpret research findings for mental health policy and practice.