A research department

Our growth as a research department has been substantial and we have become a world-renowned and internationally acclaimed research department. Many staff members are part of local, national and global research networks. The Department participates in research with a number of partners in both the global north and in the global south, as well as with international agencies such as the World Health Organization.

Our postgraduate research programmes are large and our staff are sought after as supervisors for masters theses and doctoral dissertations. If research output is a marker of academic excellence, we can pride ourselves with the substantial research output of the Department, especially with regards to publications in accredited journals.

Many members of staff are award-winning and rated researchers. However, this is a Department not only committed to academic excellence, but also to academic integrity. The focus is not on the answers that we can give but on the questions that we will continue to ask in different ways. In the Department therefore there also is a focus on a diversity of outputs and depth of outputs. Two members of the Department have published novels and several staff members are focused on producing research outputs that are more accessible to the general public and policy-makers. As a Department we are committed to producing research and writing that have an impact on people and policy and thus can lead to social change.

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