Professor Sara Grobbelaar is employed as a part-time researcher at CREST. She is involved in a large scale project funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) to develop capacity in 24 sub-Saharan African universities to improve knowledge utilisation. In July 2011, Sara completed an MPhil in Technology Policy (with distinction) at the University of Cambridge. During her time in the UK, she was supported by the Oppenheimer Memorial and the Cambridge Trusts. Sara furthermore holds a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering (with distinction), Masters in Computer Engineering (with distinction) and PhD in Engineering all attained at the University of Pretoria. The focus of her PhD thesis was to develop a system dynamics model of the effect of R&D investment on the South African System of Innovation. This model was intended as a policy tool for industry and government to test the effect of R&D investment decisions on R&D outputs.

Sara’s research interests are national and regional systems of innovation, STI policy, Technology Management and sustainable development. She has produced 3 journal articles, a book and 8 conference articles in the area of systems of innovation, competitiveness and sector development. Sara completed a wide range of consulting projects as a management consultant which includes the development of modelling studies, a regional economic road map for Gauteng Department of Economic Development, innovation strategies and sector development strategies.