Evaluation Studies

CREST has a long tradition in training postgraduate students in monitoring and evaluation studies. In recent years, various lines of research in the field of evaluation studies have emerged and been developed including research on the evaluation landscape in Africa, evaluator competencies, new and innovative methods in evaluation research as well as the growing professionalisation of the field in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. This work is consolidated in the Evaluation Studies Programme under the leadership of Dr Lauren Wildschut.

Scientometrics and STI Policy

Since its establishment in 1995, CREST has conducted various research projects in the field of scientometrics, bibliometrics, research policy and higher education knowledge production. In April 2014, CREST was awarded the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and STI Policy (SciSTIP) which has since consolidated and advanced the work of CREST in this area. Prof. Johann Mouton is the director of SciSTIP.

Science communication and engagement

A third and more recent research work stream at CREST on science communication and public engagement was initiated in 2013. This culminated in January 2015 when a South African Research Chair in Science Communication (SciCOM) was awarded to CREST. The focus of the Chair is to study the role of communications in connecting scientific research with the broader project of social justice and engaged publics, and to action-research best practice in communications modalities that serve the advancement of scientific knowledge. Prof Mehita Iqani is the current Chair in Science Communication.

  • The African evaluation landscape
    € 100,-
  • The professionalisation of evaluators
    € 200,-
  • Innovative evaluation approaches
    € 300,-
  • Evaluation education
    € 300,-
  • Qualitative approaches in evaluation
    € 300,-