SciSTIP has two overarching, but intrinsically linked, missions in terms of its research: (1) to conduct and promote scientometric studies and scholarship; and (2) to conduct and promote science, technology and innovation (STI) policy studies.

While our focus is on strengthening research, scholarship and postgraduate research capacity in South Africa, we also explore and contribute to scholarship across the African continent. We aim to develop a relevant, inclusive and creative research portfolio that is also internationally competitive.

The research portfolio framework consists of three main focus areas with each focus area further organized around research themes. In the first focus area our research analyses the main actors in the STI system and the relationships between them. Research in the second focus area analyses the main challenges related to the expansion and transformation of the human resources base for science. The third focus area is devoted to themes and projects specifically about science in its relationship to its different publics (scientists, the general public, policymakers, and so on).