SciSTIP has two overarching, but intrinsically linked, missions in terms of its research: (1) to conduct and promote scientometric studies and scholarship; and (2) to conduct and promote science, technology and innovation (STI) policy studies.

While our focus is on strengthening research, scholarship and postgraduate research capacity in South Africa, we also explore and contribute to scholarship across the African continent. We aim to develop a relevant, inclusive and creative research group that is also internationally competitive.

Research activities at SciSTIP draw on diverse fields of scholarship, including scientometrics; bibliometrics; science, technology and innovation (policy) studies; sociology of science and technology; history and philosophy of science; research evaluation and performance studies; science communication and the public understanding of science and technology, as well as research in higher-education studies.

Science, technology and innovation policy
Analysis of international and national debates in Higher Education, and Science, Technology and Innovation.

Human resources for science and innovation
Studies of the academic pipeline; mobility and tracer studies; statistics on human resources for the SA science system

Science and innovation for inclusive development
Sector and regional innovation systems; innovation platforms, and innovation for inclusive development.

Scholarly publishing and social studies of science
Trends in publication practices of SA scientists; gender and science; transformation of knowledge production in SA.

Research evaluation and the social impact of research
Monitoring of the state of the SA science system, studies on research translation, and the social impact of research.