Conditioning Systems

Modeling the charateristics of the best!

Introduction to Conditioning

Studies were conducted to determine the characteristics, qualities and/or personality factors / traits of happy, well, successful, fulfilled, highly effective, prosperous, thriving, principled, lucky and ingenious people, of great leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs and millionaires, and of people like Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin. Models of happiness, wellness, success, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, personality, wealth, thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship and genius were therefore studied. These models, or sets of desired characteristics or personality traits (as we define these models), form the basis of our conditioning products. Our conditioning products attempt to equip our users with the necessary skills and habits to acquire these qualities and / or habits. Examples products are UBHappy2 (You Be Happy Too), UBWell2 (You Be Well Too), UBASuccess2 (You Be A Success Too), UBHopeful2 (You Be Hopeful Too), UBGritty2 (You Be Gritty Too) and UBVirtuous2 (You Be Virtuous Too).  The diagram below lists our complete collection of "You-Be-Like-This-Too" conditioning products.

How It Works

The conditioning concept is best described by describing the basics of such a conditioning system - let's consider UBWell2 (You Be Well Too).  UBWell2 consists of a number of "Inspire-U-2-Have-Characteric"-modules specifically designed to develop the various aspects/dimensions of wellness, a tracking component and an individualized e-journal for each member.

Each "Inspire-U-2-module" contains powerful quotations that inspire members to develop a specific characteristic. Thousands of quotations are incorporated in total. UBWell2 is available in eBook, multimedia slideshow, web-based flash, text and mobile friendly web formats. The multimedia versions contain voice, music and pictures (based on themes) and uses accelerated learning principles. 

Each user's interaction with UBWell2 is tracked via web forms: The student must indicate which type of modules he/she consulted on which date and for how long, provide his opinion about the quality and meaning of the modules, indicate to what life areas he/she is going to apply the lessons learnt and compile an action plan on integrating the lessons learnt in his life.

All users also have access on their own personalised and secure webpages to an e-journal that contains a complete record of their interactions with UBWell2 and that summarises statistically how they have utilised the various Inspire-U-2 modules.

How to Use It - An Illustration

The diagram below lists all the different steps a member can take when utilizing a conditioning system - in this case UBHappy2.  Take special notice of the blended presentation, the pre- and post assessments, the certification test, the ability to share your favourite inspirations and to create your own content. Also study in detail everything what a typical e-journaling entry require from members (bottom left hand corner).  Together with the Inspire-U-2 modules the e-journaling activities represent  the core components of a typical UBHappy2 session.  The right hand column in the diagram lists all the actions a member can take when consulting his/her individualized UBHappy2 site.

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A demonstration of the UBASuccess2 conditioning system (mobile web beta version) is available here.

A demonstration site of a member's individualized UBASuccess2 site is accessible from here.

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