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New Members

A wide variety of memberships is available to new members.  Each membership gives members access to a unique combination of blended workshops (including interventions), multimedia resources, conditioning systems and trackers.  A membership typically falls within one of our focus areas, i.e. education, sport or the world of work, but individual "self-improvers" are also catered for.  The target group of a membership can be either individuals (e.g. one-on-one "e-coaching" for "self-improvers", students, sports people or employees), or groups of people (e.g. a cohort of first-year university students, like in the BeWell Mentor Wellness project at Stellenbosch University, and specific sport teams or teams in organizations).  University students can also join a "Forever" membership that will support them during their university years, but also thereafter for as long as they want to stay members.  See the diagram below.

New members may join any membership they qualify for by selecting the membership of their choice from a list of available options.  They are, however, advised to make use of our specially built-in e-advisor that will assist them in making a wise membership decision.  This e-advisor makes an intelligent match of their profile with the available resources and recommends a specific membership.  The e-advisor is actually a multi-criteria decision making engine that takes their background, goals, needs, preferences and experience (their profile) into consideration in making this match.  See the diagram below.  The e-advisor is very similar to the personal assistants that are available on current members' personalized FlourishWell4Life sites (see paragraph below the diagram).

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Current Members

Each member has a few simple, yet intelligent, applications on his/her FlourishWell4Life site available to help him/her decide which combination of e-workshops, conditioning systems, trackers and multimedia is best suited to his/her needs and preferences (called "My Assistants"). These "wizards" use a few easy-to-answer questions and requests to compile an individualized recommendation for a member.  A member therefore receives a personlaized training programme (that also includes interventions, packaged as Grok-Gauge-Grow-Track e-workshops).

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