All DSI-NRF Centres of Excellence are required to establish Scientific Advisory Committee’s to support the work of the Steering Committee and Management Committee in the execution of their key performance areas. The main functions of the SciSTIP Scientific Advisory Committee are to:

  • Provide general advice and specific recommendations – upon request or ad hoc – to the CoE Steering Committee on scientific content, priorities, including methodology, ethics and interpretation aligned to the CoE’s research objectives and priorities as captured in the research programme of the CoE;
  • Identify current developments, international trends, opportunities and challenges linked to the core research functions of the CoE;
  • Function as an advocate for the CoE, and promote the CoE among colleagues and peers, through their networks;
  • Identify leading individuals or research groups within the fields of interest of the CoE and communicate these to the Chair.

The members – listed below –  of the SciSTIP Scientific Advisory Committee are all highly renowned scholars with proven expertise and experience in the areas of research that form part of the core research lines and projects of SciSTIP.