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Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST)

CREST hosts five post-graduate programmes in Monitoring and Evaluation Studies and Science and Technology Studies.

The Centre also hosts the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciSTIP) and the SARCHI Chair in Science Communication (SciCOM).

CREST launches the first comprehensive national tracer study on South African doctoral graduates

CREST has over the past three weeks launched the largest national tracer survey of doctoral graduates who received their degrees at a South African university since 2000. This is the first comprehensive study of its kind which aims to gain a deeper understanding of South African doctoral graduates’ career trajectories after they complete their degrees. The study is of strategic importance given the government’s efforts to ensure optimal employability of all doctoral graduates, as well as the need to understand the changing demands of the labour market. In addition, the study aims to find whether South Africa’s doctoral graduates have the required attributes to fare well in their future careers.

Three key drivers of good messaging in a time of crisis: expertise, empathy and timing

Not since World War II have people across the globe been so united in fear as now, when the COVID-19 pandemic dominates headlines and daily realities. When people are scared, they look for expert advice which is relevant to their own situations. But this also means that people are constantly receiving information from many – and often conflicting – sources. They may feel overwhelmed by a deluge of data and opinions. Facing information overload, they may find it difficult to decide what to read, who to listen to and who to trust. Effective science communication during a pandemic, then, is literally a matter of life or death.

Science funding after Covid-19 will be ‘a balancing act’

Research funding in the post-Covid-19 world will be “a real balancing act” between producing strategically important evidence and keeping the science system able to respond to a wide range of needs, a leading South African scholar has said.

Addressing a webinar organised by the South African Young Academy of Science on 23 July to discuss post-pandemic African science, Johann Mouton from Stellenbosch University said there is a danger that policymakers will focus on short-term objectives when funding science.

Digital training can help supervisors lift PhD output

Read the article published in The Conversation.

DIES/CREST Online Training Course for Supervisors of Doctoral Candidates at African Universities

This DIES/CREST course offers a flexible study opportunity to academic staff members, particularly novice doctoral supervisors, who are interested to advance their knowledge, skills and networks in doctoral supervision.