SciSTIP produces a wide range and types of scientific publications as well as more popular publications aimed a a broader audience. Our scientific publications include book (monographs and edited collections), chapters in edited collections, peer-reviewed journal articles and research reports (both commissioned and self-initiated report). We also produce working papers and policy briefs and popular articles that appear on platforms such as Conversation Africa, World University News and others. SciSTIP researchers present on a regular basis at national and international conference. A selection of these are also included here. And finally, we also produce SciBytes which is a new information format where we aim to disseminate brief reports about some aspect of the science and innovation system in South Africa. The “bytes” are written in a non-technical style. Every issue of Sci Bytes is structured in the form of a main question (with some elaboration). This series forms part of SciSTIP’s overall science engagement strategy.