Engagement and Participation


The following figure provides an overview of participation in BeWell, a summary of its multimedia contents and engagement statistics for the period between January 2013 and September 2017.  This study was done during 2018.

BeWell Engagement 2013-2017

Participation Rates During 2017

A study was done during 2017 to determine the partipation rates of specific groups of first-year students.  The following figure shows the percentage of first-year students per group that was part of a BeWell mentoring group in 2017.

Note: Almost all students in university residences are part of BeWell mentoring groups and they are therefore not included in the graph.

Participation Rates for Selective First-year Groups During 2017

Research Question

If it can be shown that BeWell has a positive impact on the performance of vulnerable groups, and if their participation rates are low, then we have most probably discovered a way to improve the academic performance of these students: Get them involved in BeWell!

At the very least this is a very promising avenue to explore in the future!


Centre for Business Intelligence,  Stellenbosch University, 12 Murray Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa