A To-Do List for Mentees

For 2022 Mentees, i.e. First-Year Students

This page is a copy of the to-do list that also appears on the individualised BeWell websites of mentees.  Mentees must first register for the programme before they can get access to these sites  - see step 1 below.

Please Read Carefully

The step-by-step guide below can be used by mentees as their "to-do list" with regard to the BeWell programme (once you have registered yourself you must start at Step 2 on the list).

The best way to perform all your online responsibilities is to do it via your own individualised and secure private BeWell website - all the forms and resources are available there.   Instructions on how to access this private space is repeated at the bottom of this page (immediately below the step-by-step guide).

You will notice that the list also contains references to wellness enhancing activities. These wellness activities and resources (conditioning programmes to help you flourish) are for personal enrichment and development, and they support academic achievement! It can also be used to generate additional topics for discussion during your mentoring sessions - it is therefore important that you take notice of these.

You will earn mentoring points (MP's) for all the mentoring sessions that you attend and record, and flourishing points (FP's) for all the wellness enhancing activities that you undertake and record on the system. The wellness activities are optional, but if you do not record any you will not earn any points either and miss a golden opportunity for personal growth. It is highly recommended that you at least try them out - they are  available from your personalised BeWell website.

Various leaderboards are also available - you can follow what and how others are doing by consulting these leaderboards that are also available on your individualised BeWell website.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Step 1: Register as a mentee (you will do this only once - if you ever forget your password for your individualised site, you will be able to get it back by following the instructions on this page).
  2. Step 2: Attend the mentoring sessions led by your mentor (welcome, wellness, individual, social media-based and other).
  3. Step 3: Record your mentoring sessions.
  4. Step 4: Perform wellness enhancing activities for personal growth, i.e. utilise the conditioning programmes for self-development (UBWell2, UBHappy2, UBASuccess2, UBVirtuous2, UBGritty2, UBHopeful2 and UBASuccessfulStudent2). They are all available on your individualised BeWell site.  Also make sure to consult the social media sites that are listed at the bottom of each BeWell screen - they contain valuable multimedia resources on potential optimising factors.
  5. Step 5: Record your interactions with the above-mentioned conditioning programmes via these web forms: You must indicate which modules you consulted on which date and for how long, indicate to what life areas you are going to apply the lessons learnt, and compile an action plan on integrating the lessons learnt in your life. Your interactions will only be recorded on your individualised BeWell website if you are registered for BeWell!
  6. Step 6: Monitor your leaderboards and progress (achievements and dashboards).  These functions are available on the individualised BeWell websites of mentors and mentees.
  7. Step 7: Repeat steps 2 to 6 continously (when appropriate - steps 4 and 5 have a lower priority) - attend and record your mentoring sessions, take part in self-development activities, and study your activity logs, journals, leaderboards, achievements, etc.. Encourage your mentor to do the same:)

About Your Individualised and Secure BeWell Website

All mentors and mentees have their own individualised and secure BeWell  websites - it is for their eyes only, and is password protected. These websites contain all the forms they must complete as part of their mentoring responsibilities, a detailed to-do list, complete records of their mentoring efforts, conditioning programmes for self-development, a journal-like history of their self-development journey via the conditioning programmes. personalised leaderboards (for MP's and FP's) and progress reports.

Please note: All mentors and mentees that have registered on the BeWell website qualify for their own individualised wellness website. Please allow a few days after registration for the BeWell team to prepare your site. 

Mentors and mentees are strongly advised to bookmark their sites and use it as the default location to perform their online mentoring responsibilities.

Personalised BeWell websites are updated according to this schedule.

How to Access Your Individualised BeWell Website

To access your individualised BeWell website go to www0.sun.ac.za/bewell/2022/ followed by your student number. A new window will open prompting you for a username and password. Use your student number as your username and the password you provided when you registered for the BeWell website as your password.

Example: Suppose my student number is 12345678 and my password is BeWell. To access my individualised wellness website I should go to www0.sun.ac.za/bewell/2022/12345678 and use 12345678 as my username and BeWell as my password.


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