Tracking, Gamification and Management Information

Tracking of Activities

All activities within the BeWell system are tracked: Mentoring sessions as well as all other wellness enhancing activities undertaken. The logging of sessions by mentors and mentees (and others, like mentor reflections) allows the university to:

  1. Scientifically manage the programme;
  2. Measure the impact on academic performance;
  3. Measure the experience of both mentors and mentees;
  4. Measure the impact on the development of mentors, including graduate attributes;
  5. Provide individualised progress reports to mentors and managers within the system;
  6. Monitor activity levels within the system; and
  7. Do research to continuously improve the system.


Gamification principles are also integrated within the individualized websites of students to enhance engagement, competition amongst residences and private wards (who can outperform others in terms of mentoring support and wellness development) and motivation (to take part in wellness card sessions as well as the other activities offered on a mentee's and mentor's personal wellness website).

Management Information

The BeWell Management Information System (MIS) incorporates all of the above tracking data within easy-to-use MIS websites - one for the system as a whole and separate ones for each living environment (residence or private ward). Its aim is to empower head mentors and other BeWell managers to effectively manage all the mentoring and wellness development processes within the system. Each MIS allows its user to:

  1. Study a dashboard summary of all mentoring activates;
  2. Monitor mentor registrations;
  3. Monitor mentoring group registrations;
  4. Monitor mentee registrations;
  5. Monitor mentor reflections completed;
  6. Monitor the number, quality and value of mentoring sessions, from the perspective of both mentors and mentees;
  7. Monitor attendance statistics of all mentoring sessions; 
  8. Monitor group compositions (numbers, members and sizes);
  9. Study leaderboards for mentors and mentees (gamification!); and
  10. Analyse the achievement records of mentors and mentees (progress reports in terms of points earned, levels reached (from gamification) and certificates earned (both mentors and mentees can qualify for wellness certificates)).


Centre for Business Intelligence,  Stellenbosch University, 12 Murray Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa