Findings in a Nutshell

Three Take-away Messages

Academic Performance

Mentees within BeWell outperform first-years who are not part of the programme - on the average their retention rate is 7.78% higher and their weighted first-year average is 8.59% higher. Generally the higher the intensity of involvement with BeWell the higher the performance and the bigger the gap between them and those not part of the programme.  


Both mentors and mentees have a positive experience. The fact that mentees rate both the quality and the value of the mentoring sessions higher than mentors are a compliment to mentors for a job well done! 

Personal Growth

BeWell equips mentors with critical wellness and employability skills and these can be linked to the graduate attributes of the university.


Centre for Business Intelligence,  Stellenbosch University, 12 Murray Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa