MIS for BeWell 2017

Information to Mange Mentors, Mentees & Mentoring


This page is meant for all ResEd coordinators, head mentors and the BeWell Management Team. It contains resources that will assist the above mentioned persons to effectively manage all BeWell mentoring activities within their enviroments - the system as a whole as well as individual living spaces.

The main resource is the BeWell Management Information System (BeWell MIS). It allows managers, amongst others, to do the following within their specific environments:

  1. Study a dashboard summary of all mentoring activities;
  2. Monitor mentor registrations;
  3. Monitor mentoring group registrations;
  4. Monitor mentee registrations;
  5. Monitor mentor reflections completed;
  6. Monitor the number, quality and value of mentoring sessions;from both the perspective of mentors and mentees;
  7. Monitor attendance statistics of mentoring sessions;
  8. Monitor group compositions (numbers, members and sizes); and more...

Other tools to further analyse the performance of mentors and mentees are also available, like leaderboards, news feeds and reports on mentor reflections and the achievements of mentors and mentees.

Where to Find What

Management information for the system as a whole can be accessed from the menu at the top of this page. Also see the next heading.

Management information per living space can be accessed from the links a little futher down this page. See the heading "Information per Living Space".

The leaderboards, news feeds, and reflection and achievement reports can be found at the bottom of the page. See the heading "Additional Tools".

Information for the System as a Whole

Use the top menu on this page to study the management information for the BeWell system as a whole. The menu stays consistent - the first option can always be used to return to this page.

Information per Living Space

Click on the links below to access the BeWell Management Information System of the corresponding residence, PSO ward or cluster. You will be taken to a dashboard with important performance indicators. Study it and then use the top menu on that page to explore the information in detail.

  1. Academia
  2. Aristea
  3. Aurora
  4. Dagbreek
  5. Eendrag
  6. Erica
  7. Equite
  8. Goldfields
  9. Harmonie
  10. Heemstede
  11. Helderberg
  12. Helshoogte
  13. Hippokrates
  14. Huis Franci van Zijl
  15. Kerkenkberg
  16. Huis Marais
  17. Huis ten Bosch
  18. Huis Visser
  19. Irene
  20. Isa Dameskoshuis
  21. Libertas
  22. Lydia
  23. Majuba
  24. Meerhof
  25. Metanoia
  26. Minerva
  27. Monica
  28. Nemesia
  29. Nerina
  30. Olympus
  31. Oude Molen
  32. Pieke
  33. Serruria
  34. Silene
  35. Simonsberg
  36. Sonop
  37. Venusta
  38. Vesta
  39. Wilgenhof
  40. Osler
  41. Huis Neethling
  42. Saldanha
  43. AmaMaties
  44. Validus
  45. Wimbledon
  46. Victoria
  47. VicMeyer
  48. Rubix
  49. Tygerberg
  50. MILAK

Additional Tools

Apart from the BeWell MIS we are proud to also provide you the following additional management tools:

  1. Leaderboards for Mentors
  2. Leaderboards for Mentees
  3. Achievements of Mentors
  4. Achievements of Mentees
  5. Reports on Mentor Reflections

Please reserve some time to explore all of these resources. It will make managing your mentors and mentees much easier!

Proudly brought to you by the BeWell Team