31 March 2023

This week, 22 students have successfully graduated from the Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), while 16 students have graduated from the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in M&E. Additionally, 11 students have graduated from the PGD in Research Methods and Analysis (RMA), and seven students have graduated from the MPhil in Science, Technology, and Society (STS).

One of the M&E graduates expressed their appreciation for the support they received throughout the programme, stating that “[new students] will enjoy it thoroughly. The [academic] team is amazing. They’re always there to provide some support. They’re always there to steer you on the right path. And, even if it gets overwhelming, you can always trust that they will help explain it for you.”

Another M&E graduate emphasised the long-term benefits of the course, stating that “The course is worth it in the long run. In terms of career progression, it really speeds [it] up. I don’t think you will be sorry [for doing this course]. Even if you’re not an M&E officer, you [will] use it in [every] aspect of your career. It will make what you’re doing more legitimate.”

A STS graduate, talking about how they will use the skills he gained, highlighted the importance of engaging with the community to advance scientific understanding, stating that “I do believe that people can benefit a lot from science, but that lack of understanding of the science [is] a barrier [that blocks them from] the science that is available and the scientists who are available. And the scientists also can benefit from the community, to actually help them in developing their science through engagement.”

The department’s graduation ceremony, attended by staff and families, was a celebration of the hard work and dedication of the graduates, as well as the impact they will undoubtedly make in their respective fields. Congratulations to all the graduates!