31 August 2018

University World News has published an article written by Mark Paterson and Nico Cloete on protecting universities’ knowledge-production mandate.

This article resulted from a Science Fridays @Stellenbosch meeting on 27 July during which Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells was speaking.

Professor Castells, along with co-authors Professors Johan Muller and Nico Cloete talked to the concluding paragraph in the Afterword of their book ‘Castells in Africa: Universities and Development’:

Universities cannot simply mobilise against destructive politics; they also have to protect their mission as beacons of innovation, ideas and equality, without surrendering everything to activism. Ultimately, the convergence between the shift to a new form of economic organisation, the acceleration of the technological revolution, and the legitimation of political institutions, has a site in society: higher education. This is why the university is simultaneously a decisive battlefield and our hope for a better future in the midst of the current darkness.

The event was organised by the university’s Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciSTIP).

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Castells lecture at CREST (fltr): Prof Johann Mouton; Professor Nico Cloete, Professor Cheryl de la Rey and Prof Manuel Castells.