23 January 2023

CREST Senior researcher, Dr Marina Joubert, and extraordinary professor, Dr Lars Guenther, recently co-authored and published in the Journal of Science Communication about the visibility of scientists during the COVID-pandemic: `Pandem-icons’ — exploring the characteristics of highly visible scientists during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic escalated demand for scientific explanations and guidance, creating opportunities for scientists to become publicly visible. In this study, we compared characteristics of visible scientists during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic (January to December 2020) across 16 countries. We find that the scientists who became visible largely matched socio-cultural criteria that have characterised visible scientists in the past (e.g., age, gender, credibility, public image, involvement in controversies). However, there were limited tendencies that scientists commented outside their areas of expertise. We conclude that the unusual circumstances created by Covid-19 did not change the phenomenon of visible scientists in significant ways.

Access the full article here: https://jcom.sissa.it/archive/22/01/JCOM_2201_2023_A04