Prof. Robert Tijssen is a board member of SciSTIP. He is professor emeritus of Science and Innovation Studies at Leiden University (The Netherlands), an international research partners at the Centre for Global Higher Education (Oxford University, United Kingdom), and a research fellow at the LDE Center for Frugal innovation in Africa (an inter-university research consortium of Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam).

His main interests concern the development and application of analytical frameworks and measurement models to assess general trends and patterns within the ‘knowledge triangle’ (higher education, scientific research, technological innovation), one of the main drivers of today’s knowledge-based economies. Robert’s current research agenda includes studies of use-inspired researhers, comparisons of research universities (innovation, entrepreneurship, local and regional socioeconomic impacts), and assessment of research excellence in science systems of countries in the global South.

Robert’s advisory work, stretching back more than 30 years, covers a wide range of consultancy activities. Dealing mostly with research management and science/innovation policy issues (both for public sector clients and private companies), the portfolio includes policy advice on quality assurance systems, indicator-based assessments of research programs, developing evaluation systems of regional innovation impact, as well as conducting sector-wide strategic analyses of R&D performance.