Professional research management and administration (RMA) structures and systems within African universities are critical enablers in achieving maximum research and innovation impact in an increasingly competitive global environment. The effectiveness of these structures depends on skilled research and innovation managers – individuals who will be key in the efforts of African research institutions to help sustain and grow research and innovation. Against this background, CREST is offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Research Management and Administration for both early career and established research managers and administrators.

The programme was developed in and for Africa through an Erasmus+-programme funded project entitled StoRMStrengthening of Collaboration, Leadership and Professionalisation in Research Management in SADC and EU Higher Education Institutions.

Programme structure

The block lecturing sessions in 2023 will again be presented face-to-face in Stellenbosch.

The two-year programme comprises four modules:

  • Research landscape in Africa (15 credits, year 1)
  • Management of research- and research-related information (35 credits, year 1)
  • Research grants management (35 credits, year 2)
  • Research integrity and ethics (35 credits, year 2)

Students must complete all four modules. Each module requires students to be at Stellenbosch University for a five-day lecturing block. Delivery of the programme is through a combination of block (face-to-face) lecturing sessions, online tutorials, self-study and written assignments. The modular structure of the programme makes it possible for participants to study over a period of two years, without the need to be in Stellenbosch permanently.