Note from the Departmental Chair

What an eventful year it has been for higher education in South Africa! The Rhodes Must Fall campaign has had an important influence on university campuses countrywide and in large measure galvanized Stellenbosch University students into action. One of the more important meetings I had was with a representative of the Open Stellenbosch movement. My feeling is that we are all largely on the same side. We all want transformation of the university so that our student population and staff complement reflect more closely the demographics of the country, rather than a single ethnic or racial group.

In this Issue:

Note from the Departmental Chair 2
Alternative ways of representing violence 3
Some notes from the workshop on “Slow violence” 4
The Kayamandi Career Project 7
Mphatlalatsane (Early Morning Star) Lesotho 8
Evaluating a HIV vaccine research community engagement programme at two HIV prevention research centres in the Western Cape 9
Welcome to Peter Muris! 10
Mens-Dier Interaksie navorsing 11
Rethinking Marxism in Psychology 12
Reflection by Liz Jones from Ball State University 14
A visit to the District Six Museum: Community Psychology Honours students’ reflections 15
My German experience 20
Depression and suicide: The tragedy of Germanwings Flight 9525 22

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