15 07, 2017

Psychology Department Newsletter 2017


Vanaf die Voorsitter se stoel In ʼn Departement met 19 akademiese en vyf ondersteuningspersoneel gebeur daar baie dinge. In die eerste instansie is daar studente wat op verskillende vlakke van geletterdheid is en uiteenlopende akademiese behoeftes het. Vanjaar het ons ongeveer 1 100 eerstejaars, 750 tweedejaars en 600 derdejaars. In [...]

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15 08, 2016

Psychology Department Newsletter 2016


VANAF DIE VOORSITTER SE STOEL In die vyf maande wat ek voorsitter is, het daar reeds baie in die Departement gebeur en dalk nog meer in die groter Universiteitswese. In die Departement het die agt-jaarlikse eksterne evaluering plaasgevind terwyl die eksterne roerings verwys na die kookpot/woelinge waarin die SA Universiteitswese [...]

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15 08, 2015

Psychology Department Newsletter 2015


Note from the Departmental Chair What an eventful year it has been for higher education in South Africa! The Rhodes Must Fall campaign has had an important influence on university campuses countrywide and in large measure galvanized Stellenbosch University students into action. One of the more important meetings I had [...]

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15 08, 2014

Psychology Department Newsletter 2014


Psychology twenty years after democracy It has been twenty years since the beginning of democratic rule in South Africa, and psychology as a discipline and a profession is doing extremely well. The 20th Annual South African Psychology Congress, to be hosted in Durban in September 2014, celebrates not only two [...]

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15 08, 2013

Psychology Department Newsletter 2013


Note from the Chair… One of features of our department is that many of our undergraduate students choose psychology because they wish to become clinical or counselling psychologists. For this reason, they have their hearts set on gaining entry into our masters programme in clinical psychology and community counselling. While [...]

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15 09, 2012

Psychology Department Newsletter 2012


From the Departmental Chair … I am excited about introducing this first edition of news from the Psychology Department. As a department we are quite proud of the hard work and achievements of our staff and students but we need to share and celebrate these accolades, developments and achievements with [...]

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