The CBTASA (CBT Association of South Africa) was officially founded in October 2019. We are a constituted, non-profit organisation and are affiliated with the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) Our association represents a network of vetted CBT therapists and trainers, each of which is concurrently registered with their own respective professional body. The CBTASA also collaborates with academic and other training institutions, thus ensuring that all CBT generations are represented by the CBTASA. Recently, we have formed the CBTASA Academy and have organised an inaugural congress in 2024 representing CBTASA, and CBT in South Africa and the African continent.

The CBTASA Congress 2024 inaugural event promises to be a remarkable gathering of leading experts, professionals, and educators in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy. Our esteemed line-up of speakers has made significant contributions to the field and have been carefully selected to provide insights that will greatly contribute to the understanding and use of cognitive behavioural therapy.

In addition to captivating keynote presentations (such as the esteemed Judith Beck, the daughter of the famous Aaron Beck) and insightful panel discussions, we have also curated an impressive array of educational workshops and interactive sessions that allow delegates to delve deeper into specific topics. These hands-on experiences will empower delegates with practical skills that can be immediately integrated into professional practice and/or the working environment. Delegates will have the privilege of immersing themselves in a stimulating environment where knowledge is shared, innovations are explored, and relationships are forged.

Our Mission:

In line with the CBTASA’s goal and mission, our CBTASA Congress in 2024 aims to develop skills in evidence-based CBT in the African Context – with local and international experts. In doing so, thereby, contributing to the application and accessibility to the first, second, and third generation CBTs in Africa.