Dr Shaheed Tayob

Lecturer in Social Anthropology

Tel: +27 808 2420
E-mail: shaheedt@sun.ac.za


PhD, Utrecht University, 2017.

Ongoing Interests: Anthropology of Islam, Ethics, Consumption, Sacrifice, Economy, Food.


Selected Publications:

  • Tayob, S. (2020). Trading Halal: Halal Certification and Intra-Muslim Trade in South Africa. Sociology of Islam, XX, 1-21. Retrieved from doi:10.1163/22131418-08030003
  • Tayob, S. (2020). Halal Consumption as Ethical Practice: Negotiating Halal Certification in South Africa. Islamic Africa, XX, 1-23. Retrieved from doi:10.1163/21540993-01101006
  • Tayob, S. (2020). Muslim Food Culture. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Retrieved from https://oxfordre.com/anthropology/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780190854584.001.0001/acrefore-9780190854584-e-131
  • Tayob, S. (2019). Disgust as Embodied Critique: Being Middle Class and Muslim in Mumbai. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 42(6), 1192-1209. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.1080/00856401.2019.1663654
  • Tayob, S. (2019). Molecular Halal: Producing, Debating and Evading Halal Certification in South Africa. In K. Dmitriev, J. Hauser, & B. Orfali (Eds.), Insatiable Appetite: Food as Cultural Signifier in the Middle East and Beyond (pp. 100-118). Leiden and Boston: Brill.
  • Tayob, Shaheed. 2016. ‘O you who believe, eat of the ṭayyibāt (pure and wholesome food) which we have provided you’ – The Role of Risk and Expertise in Producing Certified Halal Consumption in South Africa. Journal of Religion in Africa, 46.1, pp. 67-91.
  • Tayob, Shaheed. 2012. ‘The 2010 World Cup in South Africa: A Millennial Capitalist Moment’. Journal for Southern African Studies 38.3, pp. 717-36.


Book Reviews

  • Tayob, S. (2020). Review: Jinnealogy: Time, Islam, and Ecological Thought in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi. ReOrient, 6(1), 108-110. Retrieved from https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.13169/reorient.6.1.0108
  • Tayob, Shaheed. 2014. Muslim Networks from Hajj to Hip Hop eds Miriam Cooke and Bruce B. Lawrence. Allegralaboratory.net.
  • Tayob, Shaheed. 2010. ‘Meccanomics: The March of the New Muslim Middle Class by Vali Nasr’. Reviewed in Journal for Islamic Studies (30). pp. 115-17.