Indexing Transformation

Published Research

Indexing Transformation has funded the seminar series and workshops to foster research collaborations by colleagues. The collections produced so far include: 

Edited Books:

Rob Pattman and Ronelle Carolissen (eds), 2018.

Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities.

Stellenbosch: African Sun Media.

Efua Prah and Susan Levine (eds). 2021.

Bodies of Knowledge: Children and Childhoods in Health and Affiliction.

Stellenbosch: African Sun Media.

Journal Special Issues:

Bernard Dubbeld, ed. 2020.

Capital and Contemporary Critique: A Stellenbosch Seminar Series.

Social Dynamics Vol 46

Adam Cooper and Bernard Dubbeld (eds). 2021

Youth and Future of Work.

Social Dynamics Vol 47