Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies in Sociology or Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch embed students in a community of scholars who are critical, enthusiastic and supportive of each other. Students experience their studies as demanding and hugely rewarding. Our students have a reputation for imaginative and creative research in a range of fields, with our graduates successful in the academic and non-academic world.

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We aim to break new ground with regard to social theoretical inquiry in South Africa, and have particular strengths in qualitative and quantitative research methods. We encourage debate and innovation in interpreting and integrating these broad research traditions.

Application Process:


Honours in Sociology or Social Anthropology

The Honours programme offers students a firm foundation in the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of each of the two disciplines, on which further postgraduate work can be built.

MA in Sociology or Social Anthropology

The MA programme offers students the opportunity to develop a structured research programme on a selected topic at a more advanced level than the Honours programme, drawing on the theoretical and methodological traditions within the disciplines of either Sociology or Social Anthropology.


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