2018 – Scholarship Awards

Indexing Transformation:
Interventions in Critical Knowledge Production in South Africa

Standing: Lennox Olivier (Tutor, Sociology), Kylie Bolton (MA scholarship), Lisa Hendricks (MA Scholarship), Chima Onwunta (MA Scholarship), Justine Heald (MA Scholarship), Nosi Matiwane (Honours Scholarship), Jade Tennant (MA Scholarship), Keziah Maher (MA scholarship), Zara Schoeder (Honours Scholarship), Vanessa Mpatlanyane (Tutor, Anthropology)

Seated: Danya Marx (Honours Scholarship), Leya Mgebisa (MA scholarship), Shante Neff (MA scholarship), Maria Booi (Honours Scholarship), Angelique Michaels (Honours Scholarship), Miskah Babbletakis (MA scholarship), Keru Veeriah (Honours Scholarship).

Missing: Jamie Ayford (MA scholarship).

Honours Students

Maria Booi

Fatherhood and Childcare and Poverty

Danya Marx

Human Rights and Sustainable Social Development

Nosi Matiwane

Social movements and the politics of sanitation

Angelique Michaels

Lived realities in the precarious present: Impeded mobility, curbed agency and enterprising tactics devised in the shadows of modernity.

Zara Schoeder

Transformation, Stellenbosch University, Halal Food, Minority Groups

Keru Veeriah

Subcultures and Sociology of work.

MA Students

Jamie Ayford

The underrepresentation of women/women of color in academia

Mishkah Babbletakis

‘Outsourced work’, ‘power relationships’ and ‘control and surveillance’

Kylie Bolton

Photography, Heritage, Museums

Justine Heald

Queering Schools

Using the framework of Rich’s ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ and Kumashiro’s approach to ‘anti-oppressive education’, I set out to establish how schools and queer NGOs coalesce and what factors hinder or facilitate their meeting.

Lisa Hendricks

Gender, Women, Nubia

Keziah Maher

Inequality, Medical Sociology and access to treatment

Leya Mgebisa

Infrastructure, access and education

Shante Neff

Employment Equity and Affirmative Action

Chima Onwunta

University Residences, Language and Transformation

Jade Tennant

Private security, gender, employment, tokenism and gender mainstreaming