Current Students

Current Thesis Topics 2017


BEUKES, A. “What knowledge is power? And what power does that knowledge bring?” A critical ethnography on the making of subjects and objects within the informal settlements of Stellenbosch (Social Anthropology), Supervisor: Steven Robins

HAMUKOMA, L. Interracial’ and other things people yell at strangers: A study of interracial relationships at Stellenbosch University (Sociology) Supervisor: Rob Pattman

HARMSE, K. Producing a Blue-Collar Readership: The Representation of Race within Die Son (Sociology). Supervisor: Bernard Dubbeld

O’CALLAGHAN, L. Can the cervix speak? The bio-politics of cervical cancer in South Africa. (Social Anthropology). Supervisor: Thomas Cousins

RAAD, R. Divine Citizens: Exploring religion and politics in the making of contemporary Harfield. (Social Anthropology) Supervisor: Thomas Cousins.

SAXBY, B. Freedom from the Known: An Exploration of the New Age Movement in Cape Town. (Social Anthropology). Supervisor: Steven Robins

VAN DER MERWE, M. South African Karoo farmers and the SKA telescope: An exploration of the impact of the SKA telescope on Karoo farmers’ perceptions of identity and land in the Carnarvon area. (Sociology). Supervisor: Cherryl Walker.

VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, A. An “odious” dialect: studying perceptions of Afrikaans dialect shifts among “coloured” people in Paarl. (Social Anthropology) Supervisor: Lloyd Hill



DU TOIT, D. “From Employing-a-Maid to Hiring a Maid Brigade: Transformations in Domestic Work and Outsourced Housecleaning Services in Gauteng, South Africa” Supervised by Lindy Heinecken

GOGA, S. “Clothing and becoming Muslim in post-apartheid Johannesburg: the politics of middle class women’s distinction” Supervised by Bernard Dubbeld

HART, T.G.B. “Adoption, Adaption and Rejection: Ethnography of a South African agricultural intervention” Supervised by Steven Robins and Kees van der Waal

MCARTHUR, T. “Coloured Masculinities and Schooling” Supervised by Rob Pattman

VAN ZUYDAM, J. Supervised by Cornie Groenewald

WALTERS, H. “Volkekunde at Stellenbosch University from 1926: Anthropological Constructions of Race, Culture and Ethnicity” Supervised by Kees van der Waal and Steven Robins

XABA, N.J. “A comparison of Afrikaner empowerment and black economic empowerment: a case study of a South African parastatal” Supervised by Lindy Heinecken