Prof Andrienetta Kritzinger

(Stellenbosch University, South Africa)



DPhil, University Stellenbosch, 1990

Professor Emeritus (2006 – )


Sociology of work; Globalisation and export agriculture; Feminist theory and politics.

Selected publications:

  • 2010.  ‘Shifting Terrain of Ethical Trade: Corporate and Civil Society Engagement in South African Agriculture’. In: Raman, K. Ravi and Lipschutz, R.D. Corporate Social Responsibility. Comparative Critiques. Pelgrave MacMillan:Basingstoke (with S. Barrientos).
  • 2007.  ‘Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Institutions of Higher Learning: Policy Implementation at a South African University’. South African Journal of Higher Education, 21(1), pp. 68-84 (with A Gouws)
  • 2006.  ‘The Informalization of Farm Employment’. In B Bock and S Shortall (eds) Rural Gender relations. Issues and Case Studies, pp. 97-118. CABI Publishing: Oxfordshire, UK
  • 2005.  ‘A study of the Implementation and the Impact of the Sexual Harassment Policy of the University of Stellenbosch’. In J Bennett (ed) Killing a Virus with Stones? Research on the Implementation of Policies Against Sexual Harassment in Southern African Higher Education, pp.55-115. African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, Cape Town (with A Gouws)
  • 2005. ‘Global markets, employment restructuring and female labourers on Western Cape fruit farms’. Acta Academica, 37 (1) pp. 99-125
  • 2004.  ‘Squaring the Circle: Global production and informalisation of work in South African fruit exports’. Journal of International Development, (16) pp. 81-92 (with S Barrientos)