The Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science is one of the pre-eminent research departments in Chemistry in South Africa and is engaged in a wide range of research areas. The department hosts three Research Chairs and has the largest research effort in Polymer Science in the country.

We aim to create and maintain an academic environment where research and education in chemistry will grow and continue to flourish at an international level, attracting top scholars and students, thus benefiting the entire South African community.

We offer undergraduate BSc degrees in Chemistry and Polymer Science, Materials Technology, and Chemical Biology. Postgraduate research projects leading towards MSc and PhD degrees are offered by the department’s many research groups. We are also the only department in South Africa to offer a BSc degree with a focus on materials technology from a chemistry and polymer science perspective; this evolved from the previous textile and polymer science stream to be applicable to the study of a wider range of materials.

Our human capital and infrastructure can be summarised as follows:

Study Chemistry & Polymer Science

Study Chemical Biology

Study Materials Technology

Study Applied Medicinal Chemistry

Study Chemistry Honours

Study Polymer Science Honours

Postgraduate Research

Social Impact

Academic Staff

Distinguished Professors

Research Staff

The SASOL Chair of
Analytical Polymer Science

Support Staff

NRF rated researchers

These include 2 A rated, 6 B rated, 10 C rated and 2 Y rated researchers.

Postgraduate Students

Million Rand

(About €3.8 Million) has been invested in physical infrastructure over the past 5 years, mostly to upgrade the research laboratories.

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