Crystal engineering

Crystal engineering with multicomponent molecular crystals


Research Fields

Crystal engineering, solid-state supramolecular chemistry, molecular magnetism, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry

Research Highlights

  • Development of a new class of radical-metalloporphyrin materials
  • Selectivity profile of a host can be changed using mechanochemical methods
  • Separation and purification of organic salts by sublimation

Research Summary

Research in the Haynes group involves understanding and using intermolecular interactions in order to design molecular materials with interesting and useful physical properties. We study organic salts that selectively trap particular organic molecules. We also investigate organic radicals as building blocks for molecule-based magnetic and conducting solids. Research focuses on the interplay between solid-state structure and function, as well as the effect crystallisation method has on the structure and properties of the resulting material.


Applications of Research

  • Molecular materials for electronic devices and catalysis
  • Separation of organic molecules
  • Pharmaceutical solid form stability

Delia Haynes

+27 21 808 3358