Inherently chiral calixarenes

Calixarenes, organic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis


Research Fields

Inherently chiral calixarenes, catalysis, organic synthesis

Research Highlights

  • First selective method for synthesising inherently chiral calixarenes
  • Incorporation of N-heterocyclic and mesoionic carbenes onto calixarenes and resorcinarenes

Research Summary

Although the Arnott group has a general interest in synthetic organic chemistry, the research is currently directed towards the areas of calixarene and resorcinarene chemistry. In particular, our focus with these molecules is to develop the chemistry around inherent chirality, which has potential in asymmetric catalysis and chiral recognition. Whilst the principle has been known for many years, precious few methods for their synthesis exist. We were the first group to come up with a method that enables the synthesis of enantiomerically enriched meta-substituted inherently chiral calixarenes.


Applications of Research

  • Potential chiral ligands in asymmetric catalysis (current work)

Gareth Arnott

Associate Professor
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