Polymer characterisation

Advanced analytical polymer science, multidimensional chromatography


Research Fields

Polymer science, analytical chemistry

Research Highlights

  • Advanced and multidimensional methods for polyolefin characterization
  • Method development for natural and bio-inspired polymers
  • Multidetector field-flow fractionation
  • Comprehensive analysis of complex polymers and macromolecular assemblies

Research Summary

The focus of the SASOL Chair in Analytical Polymer Science (Pasch group) is the analytical method development for complex macromolecular structures. Molecular parameters to be analysed include molar mass, chemical composition, molecular topology and polymer microstructure. Methods that are used include multidetector column- and channel-based fractionation methods, spectroscopic methods, thermal analysis and comprehensive 2D-LC. Analytes of interest are all types of polymers (block and graft copolymers, polyolefins, water-soluble polymers, polyelectrolytes) and polymer assemblies (micelles, vesicles, liposomes, nanogels).


Applications of Research

  • Polymer structure elucidation for structure-property correlations
  • Comprehensive analysis of industrial polymers
  • Polymer reaction control and monitoring

Harald Pasch

Distinguished Professor of Polymer Science