Multicomponent organic crystals

Formation, structures and properties of organic multicomponent crystals


Research Fields

Supramolecular chemistry, crystal engineering, host-guest chemistry, physical chemistry

Research Highlights

  • Selectivity behaviour of hydrogen-bonded organic host frameworks
  • Selectivity by mechanochemistry
  • Formation of multicomponent crystals of antiplasmodial agents

Research Summary

Our research involves investigation of the solid-state structures and properties of various types of multicomponent crystals, including hydrogen-bonded frameworks, cocrystals and salts. We aim to use an understanding of the intermolecular interactions present in these materials to design systems which have the potential for useful functions, such as selective inclusion of certain molecules within a framework, or altering the solubility of a molecule through cocrystal formation. We are also interested in the effect that the crystallisation process has on the solid-state structure obtained.


Applications of Research

  • Separation of molecules
  • Control of solid-state forms

Tanya le Roex

Senior Lecturer
+27 21 808 3343