Bioorganometallic chemistry

Synthetic bioorganometallic chemistry, infectious diseases, new antimicrobial agents


Research Fields

Inorganic chemistry, chemical biology, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry

Research Highlights

  • Synthesis of organometallic derivatives of clinical drugs
  • Study of new ferrocenyl and ruthenocenyl antimalarial complexes
  • Investigation of complex interaction with biomolecules

Research Summary

The application of metal-containing compounds for the treatment of various infectious diseases is a vital area of research. Using the redox potential of metals, we design multi-targeting new drugs that may exert cytotoxic effect through induction of oxidative stress. In the Chellan Research Group, we design and study new organometallic complexes for biological applications. Current projects include incorporation of metals into current therapeutics to enhance activity and/or change its biological target and synthesis of novel metallodrug libraries containing known pharmacophores. We also study their physico-chemical properties (water solubility, hydrophobicity etc.) and interaction with models of biological molecules to rationalise their activity trends and assist in development of next generation bioorganometallic complexes.


Applications of Research

  • Antiplasmodial and antibacterial agents
  • Enzyme inhibitors

Prinessa Chellan

Senior Lecturer
+27 21 808 3327