Delia A. Haynes
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Contact Details
  • Office: 1042 De Beers BUILDING
  • Phone: +2721 808 3358
  • Email:
Citizenship South-Africa
Nationality South Africa
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Crystal engineering
Institutions Stellenbosch University
Education PhD, Cambridge (UK), 2002

Research Summary

My research involves the investigation of intermolecular interactions in the solid state in a number of different model systems, including sulfur-nitrogen heterocycles and simple organic salts. The eventual aim of this research is to allow design of molecular materials with interesting properties, such as magnetic or optical properties.

Research Description

Selected Publications

  • Hydrogen bonding networks in ammonium carboxylate salts: the crystal structures of phenylethylammonium fumarate-fumaric acid, phenylethylammonium succinate-succinic acid and anilinium fumarate-fumaric acid. D.A. Haynes and L.K. Pietersen CrystEngComm Web release 7 Jan 2008, DOI: 10.1039/b716436j
  • Cocrystallisation of succinic and fumaric acids with lutidines: a systematic study. D.A. Haynes, W. Jones and W.D.S. Motherwell. CrystEngComm 2006, 8, 830-840
  • Crystal structures and magnetic properties of a sterically encumbered dithiadiazolyl radical, 2,4,6-(F3C)3C6H2CNSSN. A. Alberola, C.S. Clarke, D.A.  Haynes, S.I. Pascu  and J.M. Rawson. Chem. Commun.2005, 4726-728
  • Hydrate formation in NH+-containing salts of pharmaceutically acceptable anions: A CSD survey. D.A. Haynes, W. Jones, and W.D.S. Motherwell. CrystEngComm 2005 , 7, 342-345.
  • Small molecule fixation by a dithiadiazolyl radical: X-ray crystal structures of (CF3C6H3FCNSSN)2 and (CF3C6H3FCNSSN)2•G (G = N2, Ar, CO2 and SO2). C.S. Clarke, D.A. Haynes, J.M. Rawson and A.D. Bond.  Chem. Commun 2003, 2774-27753.
  • Structural studies of dithiatetrazocines: X-ray crystal structures of the symmetric dithiatetrazocines p-XC6H4CN4S2CC6H4X [X=NO2, Br] and the first unsymmetric dithiatetrazocine, p-BrC6H4CN4S2CC6H4NO2. A.D. Bond, D.A. Haynes and J.M. Rawson.  Can. J. Chem 2002, 80, 1507-1517.