Higher Certificate in Music

Entrance requirements

  • Matric Certificate
  • Theory –Grade 3/4
  • Practical – Grade 5/6

Course length:

  • One year programme;

What does the Higher Certificate in Music course entail?

  • Students must enrol for Music Skills (theory of music and aural training) , Practical Music Study in any of the instruments listed below, General Music Studies, Business Management (Music), Music technology, Repertoire Study and Texts in the Humanities.  Creative skills and Orchestral practise are optional modules.
  • Students are expected to attend of a number of workshops as determined by the department with respect to writing, language and study skills. Students will be notified of these workshops at the beginning of the academic year and completion of the Higher Certificate will be subject to satisfactory attendance of these courses by the student.
  • The Higher Certificate in Music can articulate to the Diploma in Practical Music or one of the Music Department’s degree programme, on  the understanding that the student complies with the entrance requirements specified in each case, and undertakes the prescribed selection auditions.

Which instruments can I study?

Any orchestral instruments: strings, woodwind, brass and percussion; piano, organ, harp, recorder, guitar, voice, conducting and church music.


Programme Co-ordinator: Ms Felicia Lesch Tel: 021 808 2349  E-mail: fsmlesch@sun.ac.za

To start the application process at Stellenbosch University, kindly follow the following link:  http://www.maties.com/apply.html or contact 021 808 4515. An application fee is payable upon registration.

Audition dates: Saturday, 17 June 2023 and Saturday 12 August 2023

How do I schedule an audition?

After you have applied online and submitted the required documents, your application is processed by the admissions office and forwarded to the Departments of Music.  Ms Yolanda Botha will contact you via e-mail with an information form regarding your practical audition. At the end of the information form is a section for you to fill in to schedule the audition. Audition dates are scheduled for Saturday, 17 June and Saturday 12 August. Audition days start at 08:00 and finish at 17:00. The final audition roster will be provided by Ms. Botha a week before the audition day.

Where do auditions take place?

Practical Auditions will take place at the Conservatoire, Department of Music, University of Stellenbosch, which is situated in Neethling street, Stellenbosch.

Our 2023 auditions will take place in person. Under special circumstances (for instance: living outside South African borders, or another prohibitive constraint) applicants may submit a written request to submit a recorded audition. Please send this request, in writing, to the co-ordinator, Ms. Botha, for approval.

Important application tips:

  • Apply as early as possible
  • Please remember to complete the table provided at the end of the audition information letter in order to list your audition under the correct instrument. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and can therefore not be considered for auditions.
  • If you make enquiries regarding your status, remember to always include your Application ID.

Audition Requirements:

Practical Audition:

Students must prepare 3 Classical pieces from contrasting style periods at a minimum level comparable to Grade VII or higher of any of the recognized examination boards. The String, Brass and Piano divisions also require technical work. Furthermore, sight-reading and a quick study is required for piano auditions.

Theory Test:

The theoretical entrance test is comparable to Unisa Grade V and consists of figured base realisation in 4-part harmony, chord- and cadence identification, dictation and other pertinent aspects that relates to music literacy.

The theoretical test takes place on the same day as your practical audition.

Please direct any questions you might have to Yolanda Botha at yolandab@sun.ac.za