MPhil (Film Music)

Entrance requirements

Anyone who has a four-year BMus or the Postgraduate Diploma in Film Music or any other qualification which is approved and considered appropriate by the Senate, may be accepted for the one-year MPhil degree.

Depending on the study background and experience of the applicant, supplementary work may be suggested as a prerequisite before the person is admitted to this programme.

Although basic music knowledge is a prerequisite for admission, it may be possible to accommodate students who do not comply with these prerequisites because of the modular structure of the course content.

Prospective candidates should note that acceptance of the research proposal is dependent on the successful completion of the Research Methodology course.

Course length:

One year qualification

What does the MPhil (Film Music) entail?

The purpose of the programme is to facilitate advanced research into film music fundamentals and to develop and strengthen candidates’ knowledge of film scoring by means of a systematic study of film scores, orchestration, theory and technology. The course consists of a 50% thesis and a composition portfolio. The nature of the programme allows for much more inclusivity as it is aimed at students who does not have formal training in music.


Programme co-ordinator: Dr Gerard Roux E-mail: