Postgraduate Diploma in Film Music

Entrance requirements

  • To apply for this course prospective students have to be in possession of a three year degree (in any discipline) or equivalent.

Course length:

  • One year qualification

Who for?

  • This course was created to serve current and prospective composers in the film industry who do not have a formal background in music.

What does the Postgraduate Diploma in Film Music entail?

This program aims to prepare students to pursue a career in the media industry where a premium is placed on practical skills and scholarly insight. The modular nature of the course expose students to a variety of concepts and theoretical frameworks in the subject field of film music. This course also serves as a gateway to the advanced research that is offered in the MPhil in Film Music. This programme was designed in support of the large number of practitioners who are currently working in the film music industry but who do not have any formal background in music. Therefore, formal music education is not an entry requirement for this course and students are gradually exposed to fundamental theoretical concepts to aid creative processes.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Film Music is a one year qualification that will be presented from 2017 pending South African Qualifications Authority approval.

Auditions for Postgraduate Programmes

An audition is required for the options Practical Music Study (Solo voice / Solo instrument / Accompaniment / Chamber Music / Conducting).

A portfolio of compositions must be submitted when applying for the Composition option.


At the auditions students automatically are considered for a number of Departmental Bursaries.

Apply for Bursary

Should you require additional information, kindly contact the following members of staff:

Post-graduate co-ordinator: Dr Pieter Grobler E-mail: